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Fire Hazards for New York Tenants

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Do you know that if
you’re living in a rental property and you don’t have New
York renters insurance
, you may not receive any compensation for personal
possessions lost in a calamity, such as a fire? Do you know what the potential
fire hazards in your home may be and how to mitigate them?

There are three basic
requirements for a fire to break out: an ignition source, fuel and oxygen. Here
are a few things to look out for in your apartment or rented home that could
lead to a blaze:

Ignition Sources


  • Possible sources of ignition include cigarettes,
    candles, and space heaters.
  • These things should never be left unattended or in
    the reach of children



  • Paint, cleaning products, old newspapers and cooking
    oils could feed a fire.
  • Potential fuels should be kept under lock and key or
    stored far away from heat sources.



  • The air around a blaze is obviously the main source
    of oxygen, but fans and HVAC systems could also be included.
  • Oxygen tanks and oxidizing substances could also be
    dangerous during a fire.

By keeping alert to potential fire hazards in
your home, you may be able to reduce the odds of losing all your belongings in
a blaze. Even with precautions, the risk cannot be eliminated, which makes
maintaining a New York renters insurance policy an excellent idea.


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