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Educate your staff about benefits of your group health insurance plan

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Just because you offer
your employees a New Jersey
small business health insurance
scheme doesn’t mean that everyone will
understand exactly what is involved. Encourage your workers to educate
themselves on the facts applicable to your scheme. In the long-term, this may
not only benefit them, but you as well.


Each employer’s plan
may be different. What is possible on one plan may not be under another. Have a
worksheet available for staff as they join the plan, detailing their coverage.
Include contact numbers for the administrators of the plan, so that they can
ask any questions. Point out what limitations there are, but also make sure to
highlight opportunities to access various other services, which may be
included. Encourage them to take advantage of services if needed. Are there
preventative health care options under your plan? Preventative health care has
tremendous potential to reduce the risk of more serious health issues, so
taking advantage of check-ups and screening options is not something to be discouraged.


An informed workforce
can benefit greatly from participation in your New Jersey small business health insurance plan. Having excellent
health insurance options in place can mean a healthier and happier workplace.
It might even assist with employee retention and have a positive impact on the
bottom line.


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