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Non-Negotiable Apartment Features All Tenants Should Seek

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Sometimes you have to spend
money to save money. This may be true of New York renters insurance. While you do have to pay a
premium for coverage, it might be cheaper than the money needed to replace all
your belongings in one go if something were to happen. Of course, there are
more important things than money. Some apartments are notorious for break-ins
and other potentially dangerous situations. When renting, what features shouldbe considered deal-breakers for the safety-conscious tenant?


There should be at least one smoke alarm in your
unit, preferably outside the bedroom door.

The complex should also be wired with a fire
alarm, which could warn you if flames are in another part of the building.

Sprinklers could help limit the spread of a
fire, giving you more time to evacuate.

Fire doors also help contain a fire, which is
vital for residents of upper levels.


A security alarm could help ensure you are
alerted should someone try to break in.

Deadbolts could reduce the odds of your door
being kicked in.

For the safety of all tenants, the entrance to
the apartment building should require a key or code.

With a peep hole, you never have to open your
front door without knowing who is calling.

You could feel more secure in an apartment boasting
the above features. They may also reduce your odds of needing to file a claim
with your New York renters insurance provider.


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