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Tenant Safety & Insurance in New York City

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It’s easy to get a false sense of security when you live in a New York
City apartment complex with intercom entry or a manned entrance. No matter how
secure you feel it’s still wise to take out renters’ insurance to cover the
value of your personal possessions. Here are two good reasons for doing so.

Burglars can still
gain entry

It’s often not that difficult for a creative individual to find their
way into a building by buzzing an apartment and coming up with a plausible
sounding excuse; or simply slipping in when a genuine tenant enters. What would
you do if, as you were entering one day, a person carrying a grocery bag in each
arm stepped up behind you? Even if you didn’t recognize him or her the chances
are you’d hold the door open!


While theft might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think
of the security of your possessions, fire is always a risk; and the fact is
that if a fire took hold in your apartment, it’s likely to be a much more
costly event than a burglary.

It may not be as expensive as you think to purchase an insurance policy
for the contents of your rental apartment. Why not get a quote or two?


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