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Health and Wellness Seminars for Small Businesses

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Being a small business
owner is hard. Trying to keep your business alive during a recession is even
more difficult. An essential part of being successful is attracting great group
of employees. Offering the right set of benefits, such as health and dental
insurance, could help you obtain the cream of the crop.


The cost of these
benefits may depend on the health of your workers, so how can you keep the cost
of insurance low? One way is to offer regular health and wellness seminars to
help educate your staff on the important of keeping their bodies in tiptop


According to the New
Jersey Department of Health, two of the top five causes of death were cancer
and heart disease, so these may be good subjects to start on. The risks for
both of these illnesses could be reduced by a few lifestyle changes.


  • Participate in regular physical activity.
  • Eat a balanced diet, including several servings of fruits and
    vegetables each day.
  • Quit smoking and using tobacco products.

You cannot force your
workers to embrace a healthier lifestyle, but you could offer incentives for
them to do so. A couple of options to consider are obtaining a corporate
membership to a local gym, or bringing healthy snacks to the office. Taking a
firm stand on the side of health and nutrition could help inspire others to do
the same, while making health insurance available through your business can
help employees to access health care when they need to.


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