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Securing Sliding Glass Doors – Tips for Renters

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Many apartments in New York feature sliding glass doors. Some renters love these as they provide the space with a lot of natural light. While you may not realize it, this type of entry also compromises your unit’s security. Locking a sliding glass door may not be enough to stop thieves from gaining access to your home. Here are a few additional ways to prevent your sliding door from becoming an easy access point for crooks.

•    Obtain a wooden board from your local home improvement site that has been cut to fit into the track of your door. This could prevent thieves from forcing the door open.

•    You may also want to consider asking your property manager to drill a hole through the first door down into the second one. By doing this at both the top and bottom, the simple insertion of a bold could prevent crooks from lifting the door off its track.

•    With determined criminals, the possibility of them shattering the glass is real. To prepare for this, purchase window film especially created for security. Applying this to the entire window could prevent the glass from shattering when hit, averting forced entry by the thieves.

Prevent burglaries from forcing you into a financial bind by purchasing insurance for the theft of your belongings. Insuring the contents of your apartment can also make sure you are compensated in the event of a disaster, such as a fire.


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