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Excess Liability Insurance

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Sometimes standard business insurance isn’t enough – protect yourself from extraneous financial loss with an excess liability insurance policy from Alwex Insurance.

Owning a business is a difficult task. As a business owner, you worry for the future of your company in a time when many businesses are going under. In addition to making sure the company is growing, you must also plan for mistakes or accidents that could potentially devastate your business. The best way to deal with an unsatisfied customer and a potential lawsuit is through excess liability insurance.

Your business may have adequate general and commercial insurance, but, unfortunately, it may not be enough. There are times when litigation may exceed your coverage allowances and you may be held accountable for paying the financial excess. In fact, you may not even have the coverage you need in place to protect you from an unusual circumstance.

This is when excess liability coverage comes into play.

Also known as commercial umbrella insurance, excess liability insurance will cover your business from catastrophic issues that threaten its security. An excess liability policy kicks in when a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing liability coverage. Umbrella or excess liability insurance provides a safety net when your other business coverage has been exhausted.

Give your business the coverage it needs with an excess liability plan from Alwex Insurance. Contact us today by calling 212-962-7930 or by filling out the form on this page.

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