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Inland / Ocean Marine Insurance

Protect your goods in transit with an ocean or inland marine insurance policy from Alwex Insurance.

Marine insurance is a broad term associated with the protection of goods in transit. A marine insurance policy from Alwex Insurance can cover your goods whether they are being shipped internationally or domestically. While shippers may provide some coverage for your goods while they are handling it, it is generally not enough to protect you and your business from the total loss that can be associated with a shipping disaster. There are two main forms of marine insurance: ocean marine insurance and inland marine insurance.

Ocean Marine Insurance

Ocean marine insurance is a type of marine coverage that protects cargo and vessels while being shipped on the ocean. At Alwex Insurance, we are pleased to offer ocean marine insurance that can effectively underwrite specific risk concerns, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Processing Damage
  • International Transit
  • All Risks Coverage

Inland Marine Insurance

An outgrowth of ocean marine insurance, inland marine insurance is designed to provide coverage for goods being transported on land. Not to be confused with cargo insurance, which is designed to cover just the cargo, inland marine can include:

  • Billable Accounts
  • Computer Equipment
  • Construction Projects
  • Data (online and offline)
  • Precious Artifacts
  • Transported Property

Don’t leave your business exposed to unnecessary risk. Learn more about the benefits associated with a marine insurance policy from Alwex Insurance by speaking with one of our dedicated service professionals today.

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