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Alarm Systems for Renters

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in many places in the country, New York residents often choose to rent
residences instead of purchasing homes. It is essential for renters to obtain
insurance to cover the expenses they incur because of theft. As a renter, you
may benefit from installing an alarm system.

Health and Wellness Seminars for Small Businesses

Category: Our Blog

Being a small business
owner is hard. Trying to keep your business alive during a recession is even
more difficult. An essential part of being successful is attracting great group
of employees. Offering the right set of benefits, such as health and dental
insurance, could help you obtain the cream of the crop.

Tenant Safety & Insurance in New York City

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It’s easy to get a false sense of security when you live in a New York
City apartment complex with intercom entry or a manned entrance. No matter how
secure you feel it’s still wise to take out renters’ insurance to cover the
value of your personal possessions. Here are two good reasons for doing so.

Non-Negotiable Apartment Features All Tenants Should Seek

Category: Our Blog

Sometimes you have to spend
money to save money. This may be true of New York renters insurance. While you do have to pay a
premium for coverage, it might be cheaper than the money needed to replace all
your belongings in one go if something were to happen. Of course, there are
more important things than money. Some apartments are notorious for break-ins
and other potentially dangerous situations. When renting, what features should
be considered deal-breakers for the safety-conscious tenant?

Choices when purchasing New York renter’s insurance

Category: Our Blog

have got your own place. You have set it up just how you want it. You took the
step of acquiring New
York renters insurance to cover
loss or damage to your possessions. Wise move: but think for a minute; did you
insure for the replacement cost or cash value? Did you opt for a specific
deductible? Renter’s insurance, like homeowners’ insurance, can require other
decisions about how you set the policy up.

Preventing Obesity from Spiking Your Business’ Health Insurance Rates

Category: Our Blog

Do you have or are you considering obtaining New
Jersey small business health insurance to your workers? This is a great way
to earn employee loyalty and to attract more qualified candidates. It could
also be a very expensive benefit to offer since your business may have to pay
the brunt of the premium. The state of your workers’ health greatly affects
your rates. Obesity is one such condition.

Fire Hazards for New York Tenants

Category: Our Blog

Do you know that if
you’re living in a rental property and you don’t have New
York renters insurance, you may not receive any compensation for personal
possessions lost in a calamity, such as a fire? Do you know what the potential
fire hazards in your home may be and how to mitigate them?

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